diamond bacon

The Oscar Mayer commercial for diamond bacon parodies those lamesauce diamond commercials. In the spoof, the Oscar Mayer commercial touts four great qualities of bacon. Read on to find out more! Here’s some nutritional information on this tasty bacon. In addition, find out where you can purchase this delicious treat. It’s definitely worth a try! And, if you’re new to bacon, it’s worth a try, too!


The natural and spicy flavors of Diamond bacon are made with pork, water, salt, celery powder, and white sugar. Natural flavoring is created with ground red chili peppers, garlic powder, and water, and the thickening agent (E415). Other ingredients include cayenne pepper, ginger, and honey. These flavors are great for topping sandwiches and wraps, but may have unwanted side effects. If you’re allergic to any of these ingredients, avoid them.


The First Evangelical Church of Diamond Bar, Calif., is hosting a bacon game at its stadium tomorrow night. It’s called “Tribute to Bacon Night,” and is sponsored by the Virginia Pork Industry Board and Smithfield Foods. In addition to a barbecue-themed meal, the game also features fireworks and a celebrity guest. Bacon will make an appearance at 7:05 PM. The Richmond Times-Dispatch is a media sponsor of the event.

Rakin’ Bacon is a five-reel slot game featuring a golden pig and 243 ways to win. It is designed with cartoon graphics and features a randomly-awarded progressive jackpot round. This game is a classic farm favorite. If you’d like to win big and enjoy your favorite food in a luxurious environment, Rakin’ Bacon is a perfect choice. It features an abundance of bacon symbols and a jackpot meter with four jackpot meters.


Although people now purchase larger diamonds, the business in Diamond continues to thrive. It was a rare feat 50 or 60 years ago to sell a half-carat ring for over $300. In addition to the delivery option, the business offers pickup. To order online, just add “pickup at Diamond” to the shopping cart. Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll have to pay for it using your Uber Eats account, so you won’t have to worry about paying in cash.

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