Snickers Work Trousers

It is important to choose the right Snickers work trousers, regardless of the kind of work you perform and the environment in which you work. For instance, plumbing and engineering jobs require you to kneel down or work in cramped areas; so you would need a workwear trouser with knee pad protection to prevent you from bruising your knees.

In order to protect against lacerations and penetrations from sharp objects, Snickers work trousers are usually made from durable materials, such as a tough cotton polyester mix. 

Let us take a look at a few benefits of Snickers work trousers.

Snickers work trousers are comfortable:

When buying any work trouser, you should necessarily put your primary focus on comfort. Snickers work trousers are very comfortable to wear. Do not forget to try the trousers before you purchase them. While trying out your Snickers work trousers, act like you’re at work, i.e., kneel down or crouch; do not just try the pair of snicker trousers while standing up. If comfort is your main focus, then Snickers comfort cotton trousers which are made of 100% cotton is comfortable to wear.

Can wear in harsh environments:

When you work in harsh environments or hazardous surroundings, you need to wear something that can take the beating of any unfavourable weather, chemicals, etc. When you choose Snickers Work Trousers, they are hard-wearing, durable, some even water proof and can protect the wearer from rain or even insulate from cold and icy weather. 

Knee protection:

Our Snickers work trousers come with a patented KneeGuard™ positioning system that will give you the most advanced, certified knee protection available. By doing so, not only can the worker increase their comfort, but they can also minimise the risk of long-term injuries that can result from kneeling. Materials used in the Snickers range are thick and durable, so they can stand up to vigorous movement, hefting, and scratches that might occur

Freedom of movement:

For outstanding comfort and freedom of movement, our work trousers offer Twisted Leg™ design and Snickers Gusset™ in the crotch. This allows for optimal freedom of movement for your daily activities.

Comes with pockets, fasteners and compartments:

The Snickers Work Trouser range has a multitude of pockets and tool holsters and is perfect whether you’re looking for a simple design with a few extra pockets or a workwear pant with a multitude of pockets. All your tools are easily accessible thanks to Velcro tool fasteners, front pockets, holster pockets, leg cargo pockets with mobile phone compartments, and ruler pockets with outside compartments.

Hard wearing double seams:

The double lock stitch seams on most Snickers Workwear trousers are much stronger than the triple chain stitch seams used in many other brands. Featuring two upper and under threads, the 2-needle top stitching gives a strong and durable seam that cannot be ripped. In contrast, the three-needle chain stitch seam only makes use of three upper threads, and there is no under thread. As a consequence, the seam is weaker and can easily be ripped.

You should invest in work trousers that will make your work days more comfortable, and consequently, more productive. To choose Snickers work trousers based on your working and climatic conditions, visit our website. We offer one of the widest selections of sizes, fits, trousers made for specific purposes available in the industry.

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