cidsound ls31 wireless

The cidsound ls31 wireless headset is a high-quality headset for the next generation of gamers. It delivers high-quality audio and crystal-clear chat, while offering exceptional comfort and ease of use. The revolutionary design includes a volume-control system for quick adjustments. The headset also features a dual microphone system for superior sound clarity. As the most popular wireless gaming headset, the LS31 is designed to keep up with your gaming lifestyle.

LS31 wireless

Designed for the next generation of gamers, the cidsound ls31 wireless precision audio, crystal clear chat and exceptional comfort. Its revolutionary control system enables quick volume adjustments and features an innovative dual microphone system. With the LS31, you’ll be able to play the game without missing a thing. And if you want to be even more comfortable while gaming, try out the LS31’s ear pads.

The LS31’s dual microphone system ensures superior audio quality and eliminates ambient noise. The microphones also feature a second microphone hidden on the headset chassis. This technology enhances noise cancellation and is particularly useful for first-person horror games. The headset’s comfortable design is also a plus, thanks to its built-in lanyard and adjustable cuffs. It can fit snugly inside the ear, making it easy to put on and take off when needed.

LS31 wireless battery life

The LucidSound LS31 features a high-capacity rechargeable battery. The battery should last for up to 20 hours, though your actual play time will depend on various factors, such as your talk rate and volume level. With ordinary usage, you’ll probably be close to the 20-hour mark. But the best way to judge battery life is to test it out for yourself. The battery is easily recharged with the micro USB cable that comes with the headphone.

The LS31 features a 15-hour battery life, with a low-battery beep to let you know when it’s time to recharge. The headset can be recharged via USB as well, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of the game. It comes with a three-level equalizer to emphasize high-end or bass. The headset has a 50mm speaker and comes with two ear cups.

LS31 wireless microphone

The LS31 gaming headset by Cidsound is the perfect choice for today’s next generation of gamers. It offers precision audio, crystal-clear chat, exceptional comfort, and an intuitive, revolutionary control system that lets you easily adjust the volume and switch between microphones. It even has a dual microphone system for enhanced sound quality. Listed below are some of the key features of this headset. They will help you achieve your gaming goals and improve your online gaming experience.

The LS31 features a rechargeable battery and dual microphone strategy for enhanced audio quality. Its high-frequency extension is 4.7kHz. The sound quality is clear and balanced, even when the microphone is muted. The LS31 comes with a detachable boom mic and an integrated microphone. The LS31 offers many convenient features, but the most notable is the wireless mic range. The LS31 also offers a comfortable over-the-ear design. The LS31 is available in several colors and comes with a USB connection for ease of use.

LS31 wireless recording quality

The LucidSound LS31 wireless recording system is one of the most affordable models in its price range, and it has a relatively high frequency response for the price. Its bass and treble ranges are both very consistent, and the high-frequency extension is impressive. Unfortunately, the microphone does not have an independent volume control. You will need to rely on the base station’s volume control to control the microphone volume.

The LS31 has a 15-hour battery life and is rechargeable via USB. The headset also comes with an optional EVA carrying case to protect it from scratches and dings while in transit. In addition, it has a three-preset equalizer that lets you emphasize high-end or bass for maximum audio quality. And because the microphone has a 50mm speaker, it’s more sensitive than most other headsets.

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