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The Dior Sauvage fragrance was first launched in 2008. It highlights Papua New Guinean vanilla and sandalwood from Sri Lanka. The fixings are used to varying degrees in the scent. Johnny Depp, the star of the hit movie The Beach, is a Dior Sauvage VIP. The fragrance contains carnal, citrus, and woody accords. In addition, the scent contains traces of pepper dior sauvage dossier.co.

Calabria bergamot

The perfume Calabria bergamot is a citrus scent with a manly scent. It contains ambroxan, a compound derived from the uncommon ambergris plant. This fragrance is adaptable, and it is perfect for all types of women. It is suitable for all skin types, and you can even wear it as an evening perfume if you feel the need.

The fragrance is based on vast landscapes. It is designed by perfumer Francois Demachy, and is described as elegant, fresh, and earthy. It contains carefully chosen natural ingredients, and the citrus notes of Calabria bergamot and ambroxan come together to form a distinctive scent. Ambroxan is a piney compound derived from ambergris.


The original Dior Sauvage is an iconic masculine fragrance with the main accords of aromatic, citrus, woody, and fresh spicy notes. It is also known as Aromatic Star Anise. The Dossier version uses similar ingredients and performs more subtly than its original counterpart. This fragrance has a dry downfall; it’s notably less long-lasting. Nonetheless, it’s still an excellent choice for men who like a bold scent.

The ambroxan in Dior Sauvage is a natural extract that comes from ambergris, a type of seaweed. It is a rare type of resin that is extracted from ambergris. The fragrance is best worn on a warm summer’s day. It’s also ideal for cold weather or winter. It is available in mini, eau de toilette, and body spray versions.

Woody accords

The woody accords of Dior Sauvage perfume will captivate men with its rich, spicy scent. The fragrance is comprised of spicy, woody, herbal, and citrus notes. Calabrian bergamot and Sichuan pepper are the opening accords. Other ingredients found in the fragrance include ambroxan, patchouli, cedar, and labdanum. The rich, woody fragrance is classy and elegant, with unusual ending notes.

The woody accord is often used by itself, or in combination with floral or citrus notes to extend its dryness. Sandalwood, patchouli, guaiacwood, and vetiver are typical woody accords, but some fragrances add oakmoss, treemoss, or cedarwood. Examples of fragrances containing woody accords include Eau de Guerlain, Dior Sauvage, and Hermes Eau de Merveilles dior sauvage dossier.co.

Dry fruits

The Sauvage Dior Dossier is a complete guide to the different fragrances from this renowned brand. The publication contains an artists’ section, which provides insight into the process of developing the brand’s fragrances. The dossier is useful not only to perfume and fragrance lovers, but to businesspeople, too. For instance, artists can find out which fragrances work best for their skin type. And of course, everyone can benefit from a comprehensive look at the process of designing a fragrance.

The original Dior Sauvage is a classic fragrance, and a clone of it has been created to duplicate its fragrance. The fragrance begins with spicy notes and fades to a smooth woodsy note before releasing the herbal, amber-woody base. It includes vetiver, labdanum, and patchouli, and has similar floral overtones. A few of the ingredients in the Dossier scent are slightly different from the original.


The fragrance is a modern interpretation of the iconic Dior Sauvage fragrance. Inspired by the endless expanse of a virginian paraje and the ethereal odors of a dying flame, this perfume has a rich, earthy scent that celebrates regal spaces and sutile matices. As with its EDP sister, Sauvage Rum is equally masculine and sultry. A great combination of rich woods and citrus fruits, Sauvage is the ultimate masculine scent.

The spicy, woody fragrance has long-lasting power and is a must-have for men. The bottle is adorned with images of actor Johnny Depp and his signature beard. The scent also features peppery notes that will please men of all ages. The bottle is designed to be kept in a masculine, dark-wooded place, so it will not cling to skin or be overpowering.

Pink pepper

Pink pepper is the newest note to appear in the Dior perfume line. In fact, it is the first fragrance to use the ingredient. Initially, it was used in Pleasures by E.Lauder. However, thanks to advances in technology, perfumers no longer have to crush the berries to create the scent. In addition to the traditional method of crushing the berries, perfumers now use a “soft extraction” process to extract the aromatic berry’s scent.

The main accords of Dior Sauvage are bergamot and pepper. Both of these are spicy on their own, and when combined with black pepper, it becomes incredibly strong. Other notes in the fragrance include lavender, patchouli, and amber wood, but they lack the musk of the original. Another popular clone of the original Dior fragrance is Aromatic Star Anise, which has herbal notes similar to the original. In addition to bergamot, the perfume also contains labdanum and a very rare ingredient known as ambergris dior sauvage dossier.co.

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