ysl engraved lipstick

If you have been thinking of getting an engraved YSL lipstick, you’re in luck. YSL lipsticks make great gifts. They are available in 57 different shades and feature a Patented motor system and built-in chip for easy application. They also come in gold-toned inscription for attraction edition. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, this may be the perfect option.

57 shades

The YSL engraved lipstick comes in a variety of beautiful shades, including a reddish pink shade that has a gold case with red YSL embroidery. These lipsticks come in a satin finish but settle to a semi matte stain after a few hours. They stay on your lips for around 5-6 hours before needing a makeup remover. In my experience, the YSL lipstick engraved with a red YSL logo will last for at least five or six hours.

These engravable lipsticks are available in 57 different shades. These lipsticks are also available in a compact case. The lipstick maker comes with a matte black base and a mirror on top. It uses patented technology developed by Perso. Each lipstick cartridge is made of three shades. Then, the user can mix and match the colors of the lipsticks in the maker to get the exact shade that they want.

Built-in chip

You can personalize your YSL engraved lipstick with your name, monogram, or a personalized note. The lipstick maker itself is a stylish and convenient makeup accessory. Its non-porous PET material is easy to clean and comes with rubber seals that ensure ultrahygienic storage. Each YSL cartridge has a built-in chip that tracks its fill level and expiration date. As a result, you won’t be tempted to use a YSL engraved lipstick past its expiration date.

The YSL Rouge Sur Mesure custom lip color creator, also known as the YSL engraved lipstick maker, uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things to create 4,000 bespoke shades for each customer. This innovative technology can make a personal touch on lip color, and the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure engraved lipstick maker’s lid functions as a compact luxury case.

Patented motor system

The YSL engraved lipstick comes with a patented motor system. The device features a matte black base with a compact mirror. The patented motor system allows the user to mix two colors into a single tube, making the final product look like the original. The YSL engraved lipstick is available in three different shades. The color of the lipstick is determined by the user’s preference and can be selected from a smartphone app or camera roll.

The YSL Rouge Sur Mesure Custom Lipstick Creator features a patented motor system that dispenses three squirts of the desired shade. The product then falls into the compact, which has a mirror. The compact can be detached to allow the user to apply lipstick on the go. This device will be available for pre-order on the YSL website and will be fully launched by the end of 2021.

Gold-toned inscription with attraction edition

The limited-edition YSL engraved lipstick features the YSL logo etched inside the bullet. The lipstick is available in gold, rose, and star-clash ofixtures. The inside of the bullet features an inscription inspired by the 19th century, but missing the “to” and “tonline” phrases. Despite the limited-edition status, this lipstick is still a must-have in any woman’s makeup arsenal.

The brand has recently redesigned its Rouge Pur Couture collection. The packaging is now sleek black, and the inscription is in gold-toned. Its gold-toned inscription looks just as glamorous as its new packaging, and is reminiscent of the company’s signature logo embossed in gold. The lipstick is designed to be applied in the center of the lips and blend outwards to the contour.

Sephora’s Sephoria 2019 debut

The debut of an engraved lipstick was one of the many Instagrammable moments at Sephora’s Sephoria 2019 event in Los Angeles. A full-face LED mask, which gives off an alarming red glow, also appeared at the event. In addition, Sephora gave away limited-edition items like 42 Glossy Posse Sets of lip glosses. And Korean beauty brand Innisfree announced its new partnership with Sephora to be its global specialty retailer.

In addition to engraved lipsticks, Sephora introduced a series of limited edition YSL engraved lip colors in new gold-plated tubes. One of the most impressive products is Rouge Pur Couture, which has a luxurious texture and is not too shiny. The gold-toned packaging, which resembles the Black Opium fragrance, has an engraved lid that contains a hint of shimmer. The collection includes three shades ranging from a nude to a rich red. Its limited-edition packaging makes the collection easy to carry and look great on everyone.

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