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Are you looking for a new wireless fan? This article covers several popular options from Casablanca Company, Ecobee, Big Ass Haiku, and Homenhancement. If you are looking for a wireless fan that can be controlled via an app, read on. We’ll talk about their features and benefits, as well as the pros and cons of each. Hopefully this article will help you find the best product for your needs.

Casablanca Company

While many people have heard of the Casablanca Company’s innovative ceiling fans, they might not know how they work. They’re the only ceiling fan company in the United States with an in-house design team. Casablanca never blindly follows the latest trends; they prefer to explore, imagine, and set them. Designers at the company come from leading toy and fashion companies and use their expertise to craft fan prototypes to perfection.

The comfort-touch computerized ceiling fan control system was first introduced by Casablanca in the early 1990s. It was a revolutionary product that used radio frequency remote technology, replacing the infrared transmitters that had been used previously. It also featured the first LCD display in a handheld remote. The Casablanca company is one of the few companies to offer a wireless remote control for ceiling fans. The remote was designed with easy-to-read graphics to make it easy for consumers to understand how to use it.


If you’re trying to reduce energy costs in your home, consider purchasing an Ecobee wireless fan. The fan is controlled through an app, and the fan has been integrated with Alexa and Google voice assistants. The SenseME feature adapts airflow based on room occupancy and ambient temperature, which can save energy while adding comfort and convenience. Additionally, the Ecobee fan works with the IFTTT platform to link to your home thermostat, allowing you to set the fan’s temperature and fan speed remotely.

The Ecobee features 16 dimmable light settings and a sleep mode. It also supports up to 20 W of electricity and has a 2700k color temperature. Those looking to reduce energy costs may choose to purchase the Ecobee thermostat. There are a variety of features that make the Ecobee wireless fan perfect for any budget or home. The most impressive feature is the ability to set the fan’s temperature to any room in your home.

Big Ass Haiku

If you’re in the market for a new ceiling fan, the Big Ass Haiku is an excellent choice. This fan features two down rods that can be adjusted to either 11.4 inches or 16.4 inches. It also has eight speeds and 16 brightness levels. You don’t have to worry about a pull-chain, as it comes with two different control options. Here’s how to set up your Haiku fan.

The Haiku fan’s embedded sensors monitor the room’s temperature. Using this information, it automatically changes speed and lighting for optimal sleeping temperatures. It even has a motion sensor so you can use it to turn on and off the fan when you enter or leave the room. It also has preset modes such as Sleep Mode, which slowly reduces the fan speed every hour, Gradually Awake Mode, and Whoosh mode, which mimics a natural breeze.

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