The VirtualTvFest2021v4 is an exclusive 3-day program that features entertainment industry content creators and celebrities. The focus of the conference is to foster creativity and innovation in the television industry. It offers attendees the chance to learn from industry leaders and get inside the minds of show creators. The event includes talks and workshops by industry legends and stars. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with content creators and network executives.

Highlights of this year’s VirtualTvFest2021v4

Attend VirtualTvFest2021v4, a three-day festival dedicated to virtual TV, on June 8-10. At this event, you’ll meet the top entertainment industry figures and content creators to discover new and exciting ways to grow your business. The three-day event also features a special New Girl 10th Anniversary Reunion. Among its highlights:

For fans of “The Walking Dead,” the festival will present a live stream of the entire series. The event will also feature panels featuring creatives, actors, and creators of popular TV shows. The festival will also feature discussions about current events and timely topics such as physical and mental health, election-year issues, Latinx representation, and how to create during a pandemic.


There will be more than 100 keynote speakers and workshops at Virtual TV Fest 2021, with celebrities such as Nicola Coughlan, Courtney Love, Oscar Isaac, and Taika Waititi among the acclaimed names. The event will conclude with a livestreamed masterclass from the festival. Speakers at Virtual TV Fest will address a variety of topics related to entertainment, including the future of entertainment, the power of content, and the impact of technology on our lives.

Pitch It! package

The Pitch It! package will include two (2) guaranteed pitches. If you want to make a big splash at the festival, you can use the Pitch It! package to submit your project to participating TV networks, studios, production companies, streaming services, and more. To participate, you must purchase tickets for the VirtualTvFest2021v4 and submit a release and application. After that, you must choose your top five picks and submit them.

Geeked Week

The fourth edition of the Geeked Week convention is just around the corner! The five-day convention will highlight geeky entertainment with celebrity games and world premieres of new shows and movies. You can catch the event live on Twitch, and you can watch some of the panel discussions and behind-the-scenes footage, too. To make your participation as geeky as possible, consider attending one of these events!

Netflix has a packed schedule for its second Geeked Week. Fans can expect to see preview trailers, new scoops, exclusive first images, and interviews with actors and creators. There will also be special screenings of new games and trailers for upcoming series. Despite the high-profile speakers, there are some surprises in store for attendees. In addition to Netflix, more than 60 projects will be featured.

Camp Badge

If you’re planning on attending the Camp Badge at VirtualTvFest2020v4, here’s how to register. Camp Badge holders can take advantage of early access to marquee events at the Paramount Theatre. However, you must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the show’s start time to get your seats. If you’re running late, you’ll have to wait in line to get in.

If you’re wondering what to expect, the virtual camp is a great way to experience the same events. The festival is packed with panels, screenings, and events that give attendees the opportunity to get inside the world of television. Not only will they get to meet show stars, but they’ll also get to hang out with the other festival goers. For the most part, the ATX TV Festival is a place for television fans, writers, directors, and producers to immerse themselves in the industry.

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