The Most Innovative New Tools for Electricians in 2022

There are many new tools available in the electrical field, but what are the most innovative ones? Let’s take a look. The Voltclaw is one example, as is the XOOL electrical toolset. Graybar’s lineman’s pliers are another one. The list of innovative tools for electricians will continue to grow as new technologies emerge. We hope you’ll consider these new gadgets as they come on the market The Most Innovative New Tools for Electricians in 2022.


Designed to handle both small and large gauge wires, the Voltclaw is a high-tech non-conductive tool that allows electricians to manipulate wires without getting burned. Designed to be non-conductive up to 1000 volts, this tool is ideal for residential and commercial applications. Its non-conductive materials allow it to work with both small and large wires and should be safe to use around live wiring. The Voltclaw even comes with a wire nut holder.

XOOL electrical toolset

Several electric tool companies are producing multi-tools for electricians. While some are dedicated to electricians, others are aimed at a broader range of industries. The ES4 multi-tool has a specialized design with a main tool that includes combination pliers, wire cutters, and spring-action pliers. The wire strippers are particularly effective, and they meet well and are even able to cut through plastic sheathing.

XOOL torpedo level

A level torpedo is a highly useful tool for electricians and carpenters. These leveling tools create a horizontal or vertical line to ensure accuracy in the direction of the project. These torpedo levels are available in a wide variety of sizes, and the nonconductive frame design makes them easy to use in tight spaces. A torpedo level is not only useful for electricians but for all customers as well.

Graybar’s lineman’s pliers

The ergonomic design of lineman’s pliers has led to the growing popularity of these tools. They feature curved handles that fit an electrician’s natural grip and reduce repetitive motion fatigue. These tools also feature non-slip Santoprene textured grips, and a thumb guide that promotes comfort and focuses kinetic energy for quicker wire stripping. Fish pole wire-installation tools from Graybar help electricians pull wire from drop ceilings and walls with ease. They also feature a comfort-enhancing two-step locking mechanism to ensure proper grip.

DeWALT’s brushless cordless wire mesh cable tray cutter

The brushless, cordless wire mesh cable tray cutter from DEWALT promises to put an end to the frustrating slicing of wire-mesh cable trays. Expected to arrive in early 2022, the wire mesh cable tray cutter promises to produce clean cuts with no burrs. And it’ll eliminate the need for a grinder. Here’s a closer look.

Ideal Industries Twist-A-Nut Screwdriver

The 21-in-1 Ideal Industries Twist-A-Nul Screwdriver features an ergonomic handle and a ratcheting wire connector wrench. This screwdriver includes a set of 28-tooth ratchets, a wire connector wrench, and slotted screws, as well as a ratcheting wire connector wrench. A ratchet mechanism allows users to change bits quickly and easily.

Graybar’s Voltclaw

While electrical workers have long needed specialized tools, the VoltClaw is a safer, more ergonomic alternative. Unlike pliers with sharp edges, VoltClaw’s soft tips will not damage wire insulation. The Voltclaw also makes reaching into light poles safer, as it can detach the user from live electrical currents The Most Innovative New Tools for Electricians in 2022.

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