You can now create your own Taylor Swift Wordle game, or clone one! Just follow the steps below! And don’t forget to share the result with your friends! There are many Wordle clones, but none are quite like the original. Try the following two to get the same effect. You’ll be amazed! – The first is called Wordle, while the second is called Taylordle.


It’s time for the next installment of Wordle: a game that lets you create a custom version of the popular puzzle game. The army of Swifties has taken the game a step further by making one that features only the words from Taylor Swift’s music. The game is surprisingly addictive, and you’ll soon find yourself humming Taylor Swift songs while you try to complete each puzzle. But what’s so great about it?

The Holy Swift podcast has created a special Taylordle, which is a five-letter word game in which players must guess a word from Swift’s song catalog in as few as six tries. Like Wordle, Taylordle replaces dictionary words with lyrics and other terms from Swift’s discography. Despite its popularity, the Wordle game is not without its flaws. There’s a whole Taylor Swift-themed Wordle app, but it’s certainly no substitute for the real thing.

While Wordle has won the hearts of millions, the Taylordle app is a special one. It’s a word game inspired by the pop singer and has been downloaded over 1 million times! It’s a fun way to exercise the brain. Besides boosting memory, Wordle also promotes creativity. Just try it out! And don’t forget to tell us which version you like best! You’ll be surprised at the results!

Wordle clone

If you love Taylor Swift, you may want to check out the Taylordle Wordle clone. This game mimics the five-letter guessing game that is famous on the internet. However, this game is exclusive to Swift fans and does not feature the famous singer herself. The other Wordle clones are Worldle, Absurdle, Quordle, Squabble, and Heardle.

Another Wordle clone is Queerdle, which uses only four to eight-letter words and two-word sentences. The creator of this app is Jordan Bouvier. The game also incorporates Taylor Swift trivia as the content. It has become a hit among Swift fans. However, it is difficult to find a free Wordle clone that features such content. Here are some of the most popular Wordle clones.

Wordle clones are popping up all over the internet. The sites test player knowledge on a variety of topics, including video games, history, and song titles. Recently, a study revealed that some Wordle clones are more popular than others. The results may surprise you. If you’re a fan of the game, there are several Wordle clones that are worth checking out. One such site is Heardle, which is based on the popular podcast of the same name.

Taylor Swift game

If you love the songs of Taylor Swift, you’ll love the Taylor Swift game. Play it with a group of friends and see how much you can improve your performance. This augmented reality and choose-your-own-adventure game lets you play as Taylor Swift, and you’ll be amazed at the many things you can find. In the game, you’ll discover hidden treasures and a 360-degree view of her mansion. All while “Blank Space” plays in the background.

If you’re not sure, don’t worry – you have five more chances to guess the song. You’ll be given the first few seconds of the song for each wrong answer. If you can’t guess it correctly, skip a second and try again. If you guess the wrong song, you’ll be marked with a red cross and a yellow cross, so you’ll have plenty of time to think about the right answer.

In addition to her music video, Taylor Swift will release her own mobile game. The game will be available late this year on both smartphones and tablets. She signed a multi-year licensing deal with Glu Mobile, the studio that developed the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, which became a mini-craze. A similar collaboration has been made with Katy Perry. Glu Mobile has also made games for James Bond and Katy Perry. The Taylor Swift game is set to release sometime in December for Android and iOS devices.


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