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Smytten is a subscription service that lets you try premium lifestyle brands and make purchases. It has a strong monetization model and is focused on targeting a specific audience, including women and millennials. It has a robust database of close to 600 premium brands in 15 categories, with 1-2 new brands being added daily. Its focus on lifestyle brands is its unique selling point, but it also has a few flaws. Read on to learn about these flaws smytten review.

Smytten is a premium brand sampling service

Smytten is a new premium brand sampling service that connects brands with customers by offering a range of personalised sampling options. The company has signed up with more than 50 premium brands to offer an unparalleled service to consumers. Its service enables the users to discover new brands, build a personalized ‘like’ list, and purchase products directly online. In addition, Clothist, a startup that curates personalised apparel collections, offers consumers a 24-hour trial.

Smytten enables online shoppers to discover, try, and purchase premium brands without ever having to leave their homes. Smytten’s service works with brand-approved resellers to deliver samples to customers across India. It offers customers the opportunity to try new products at home, while also increasing brand loyalty. Premium brands can also enjoy 100% Cashback on trial orders and get freebies. Its service is designed to appeal to the upper middle class and the affluent, so it makes perfect sense for businesses, too.

It offers discovery, trials and purchase of lifestyle brands

Smytten is a platform that allows consumers to explore the best lifestyle brands, trial them and then purchase them. Founded by two ex-Google and Unilever executives, the startup hosts over 700 brands and provides the companies with insights and data to grow. The company claims to have a ten-fold growth rate since its launch in June 2019.

Smytten claims to service nearly 5 Mn users and aims to add 50 Mn users within the next two or three years. According to its co-founder, it expects its ARR to reach INR 100 crore by 2021. It claims that 70% of users are women and that its core target demographic is between 18 and 25 years old. The company runs targeted marketing across several digital channels and works with brands on co-marketing smytten review.

It keeps users engaged

Smytten is a premium product discovery platform that connects brands with consumers. The app connects them with brands they love and digitises the pre-purchase experience. It provides an efficient go-to-market channel for premium brands and delivers half a million product samples a month. The company is now seeking a core leadership team. It also offers personalised experiences and a curated collection of premium products.

Smytten’s marketing strategy focuses on maximizing the use of its product discovery features. Users can search for items by gender, location, or product category. Smytten’s app has been gaining good traction since launch, adding about 150-200K users a month. The site currently features close to 600 premium brands across 15 categories and adds 1-2 new brands per day. The company also offers a daily trial hour, which gives users a chance to try new full-sized products for free smytten review.

It is a shopping app

Smytten is an app which helps you find premium brands that are available on the market. It has thousands of products from premium brands, and offers you the chance to try them for free. If you want to experience a premium product first hand, you can do so for free by downloading the app to your smartphone. To get started, simply click on the Discover Tab. Click on the Try Now button to add at least three free samples. Then, you’ll get six free trials of premium brands. You’ll have to pay only for shipping smytten review.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’re ready to sign up. Click on the Sign Up option and enter your basic information, such as your city’s Pincode. This will allow you to browse the products and choose the one that suits you best. After you’ve selected your selections, you can then check whether they’re available in your local area. If not, you can simply use the app to make your next purchase.

It has 30+ affinity groups

Premium brands have always been the biggest challenge for marketers, as consumers don’t necessarily know which products to try. Social media has put many brands into the digital ecosystem where they can’t reach consumers in person. The Smytten app has the ability to bridge that gap with its curated list of lifestyle brands. It provides consumers with access to free trials, product reviews, and even purchase of these products. Smytten’s target audience is the upper middle class.

Smytten enables brands to target consumers with behavioural targeting to increase conversion rates and lower CAC. It allows marketers to create highly personalized campaigns based on behavioural data. The Smytten user experience has a high conversion rate, and users receive a 10-times increase in their points after every purchase. In addition to that, users get access to a wide variety of products in multiple categories.

Question and Answer Regarding smytten Reviews

Q1 – Is smytten really legit?

Ans- smytten is not trusted in some cases, according to many sources.

Q2 – Can we believe on smytten?

Ans – Its focus on lifestyle brands is its unique selling point, but it also has a few flaws. Read on to learn              about these flaws smytten review.

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