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The Pinay viral brand is an independent artists’ collective, wherein independent Pinoy artists create unique works of art on high quality products. These works are then printed on socially responsible products, and the sales proceeds go directly into the artists’ pockets. A perfect way to support independent artists and keep the Pinoy viral brand alive! But what’s so great about Pinay viral merchandise, anyway? Let’s find out.

TikTok video of a Filipino family offering kindness

Earlier this month, the Philippines’ popular social networking app, TikTok, launched a campaign called “Create Kindness” to fight cyberbullying through the power of kindness. The campaign includes a webinar, “Create Kindness: Combating Cyberbullying Through Kindness,” featuring six TikTok creators and representatives from the Philippine Mental Health Association. In the Philippines, the campaign features Filipino creator Ayn Bernos. She has been using TikTok to promote body positivity and is challenging colorism.

The #CreateKindness campaign is already a global phenomenon, with over 400 billion views. TikTok users have created and shared more than two billion videos showing kindness. In the Philippines alone, this campaign has generated 475 million videos of kindness. The campaign has been boosted by the use of the hashtag “#Puso” and other messages centered around respect and love.

Ez Mil’s Pinoy pride anthem

EZ Mil’s latest single, “Panalo,” has gone viral with over 21 million views. The Filipino-American rapper hopes to change the culture of the rap scene in the Philippines by changing the way Filipino artists are treated on platforms. His new song is already a hit and has even inspired a remix by boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao. Whether you’re Filipino or not, you’re bound to love it.

“Panalo,” the song’s title, is the product of a collaboration between two artists. The first was Olongapo-born Ez Mil, whose Instagram handle is Ezekiel Miller. The song’s viral success was accompanied by controversy as history groups attacked its lyrics, including an inaccurate reference to the beheading of Lapu-Lapu. Ez Mil has since corrected the lyrics, making the track a worldwide hit.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez’s kindness in a TikTok video

Beatrice Luigi Gomez’s video about a random stranger extending her kindness was deemed viral. It has even gone viral on Facebook. The young star is the sister of the late Steffi Gomez, who was allegedly strangled to death by her boyfriend during a fight over video games. She had been seen sharing TikTok videos with fans who admired her beauty and kindness.

Duterte’s toxic positivity

The election results of the Philippines’ presidential elections have surprised many and shocked others, but they have a deeper meaning. President Duterte’s popularity is built on his persona, his aggressive approach to fighting drug lords, and his proto-populist policies. The President and his supporters have successfully put their opponents on the defensive, portraying them as corrupt elitists. Meanwhile, they also accuse the mainstream media of spreading fake news and misinformation pinay viral.

The Duterte administration has assembled an unusual cabinet consisting of people with diverse political backgrounds. His former law school classmates, his longtime associates from Davao, and business leaders were joined by people with varying levels of political affiliation. This eclectic group of people has been credited with bringing together Duterte’s coalition of people who are largely united by personal loyalty and regional affinity. Several prominent political figures formerly sidelined during the Aquino administration have joined the administration as cabinet members. Other members of the Marcos family and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo are among the Cabinet.

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