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The Music Heardle Game is a new app that allows players to discover unknown songs by listening to a fragment of the song. Instead of relying on the song list to discover unknown tracks, players can simply enter the song’s name in the search box. The developers recommend selecting songs from the track list if possible. However, this option does limit the amount of time players can spend on the game. It is also advisable to eliminate songs that do not appear on the track list.


The original Wordle game has been a hit with gamers for years, and its success has led to many versions. Among them is the Music Heardle Game, which combines the classic word guessing format with a new music-focused theme. The Music Heardle challenges gamers to guess the song based on the aural proximity to the currency of rock, pop, hip-hop, and electro.

The Heardle system works by leaking small audio snippets based on second fractions. The player then needs to guess the song by hearing the snippet, and guess the artist and/or title of the song. This can be difficult, so the developers recommend that the player listen to the song list before entering a song name. The song snippets increase in length by turns, allowing the player to hear every second of the song before guessing.


The Music Heardle Game is a fun new way to learn a new song. You can choose any song from a pool of thousands of famous artists. The Heardle game uses a similar system as the Wordle game, but instead of using words you type, it uses music to match the lyrics. As you type, the Heardle auto-completes the song and gives you suggestions as you type. Once you’ve finished playing the song, you can share the results on social networks and copy the emoji to your clipboard.

Heardles play snippets of popular songs from artists you’ve already listened to. You’ll receive a hint fragment before each snippet is played, and once you guess correctly, the song will play. Each song’s length will gradually increase as you continue playing. You may skip a few tries if you think the snippet is too short or too long – that way, you’ll get a correct guess the first time around.

Kanye West

If you’re a fan of Kanye West, you may be interested in Kanye West’s new music Heardle game. This game is similar to the regular Heardle game, but features a few differences. First, you have to guess a song name based on a short clip from the song. You can skip up to six seconds before you hear the next snippet, but that can result in no guesses.

To play Kanye West’s Music Heardley Game, you simply enter a song title. After you input the name of the song, the Heardle will prompt you with a drop-down list of the song’s title. The game resets at midnight on each day (depending on your time zone), so you can’t play the same song over again. You can also post your results on social networks to prove your skill.


The Music Heardle Game BTS was created with BTS fans in mind. The game tests your knowledge of BTS songs by giving you snippets of audio. Fans of the Korean boy band can easily guess the song after hearing the audio. The game lets you have seven guesses per song. The BTS fan account @doolsetbangtan has created a corresponding website. The rules of the BTS Heardle Game are simple: you must guess the song based on the audio.

The game gives you seven hints to guess the song title. The lyrics of one BTS song will be presented to you each day, and you have seven chances to guess the song title. With every incorrect guess, you will hear a snippet of the song. If you guess correctly, you will be given the link to listen to the song on Spotify. Then, once you know the song name, you can share it on various social networks.


The upcoming Music Heardle game will feature EXO. The game features all of the group’s classic tracks, so expect to hear more of their music. Fans have been posting their scores on social media, and we expect to see more tracks added to the game soon. Fans can also look forward to seeing SUHO make a comeback, as he recently reentered the spotlight. Aside from the music, the game will feature Red Velvet, who has a vast discography in Japanese and Korean.

Fans of Muse will enjoy the Muse Heardle game, which features a song from the band’s most famous album, but the answer will be locked until true fans get the right answer. There are also versions of the game featuring BTS, EXO, MONSTA X, and Suga. Fans of Paramore can also take part in the Heardle fun. There are answers for five albums, B-sides, and singles.

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