mict track and trace

The MICT system tracks the movements of trucks. Clients enter the plate number of each truck and their time of entry into the system. They can then see which trucks have moved within MICT over the past 30 minutes. The ICTSI hopes to provide real-time tracking by early 2015 MICT track and trace.


ICTSI is an acronym for International Container Terminal Services, Inc. The company’s tracking system is a part of the ICTSI 2021 delivery tracking program. This program helps the industry keep track of shipments throughout their journey. It uses data from the Track and Trace system to measure how efficiently a container is moving from point A to point B. The MICT Container tracking page allows users to see their shipment’s current location and status, and it even provides information on when a vessel is due to arrive.

ICTSI’s investments in technology driven solutions have allowed MICT to continue its operation during times of crisis, such as COVID-19 outbreaks and nationwide lockdowns. MICT’s online payment system, for instance, allowed customers to process transactions without visiting a terminal. Prior to the pandemic, the system was viewed as highly useful and had a thirty percent adoption rate. Now, similar systems are being developed for Mindanao Container Terminal and Subic Bay International Port. A similar system is expected to be launched within the next year.

A new MICT app will give port users access to several services, including Track and Trace for multiple ICTSI terminals. Other features will include TABS booking and online payment. Rimini Street will also provide a robust platform for these services. The company has also partnered with PLDT for the 5G roll-out in MICT. MICT’s technology also has spreader load cells in rubber-tired gantries to weigh containers automatically. This will reduce the need for truck drivers to remain at the port.

MICT is one of three terminals

MICT is one of three terminals in the Port of Manila. It is situated between the North and South Harbor and protrudes into Manila Bay. It is the city’s major waterway. The MICT is a dedicated container terminal, and ICTSI also handles bulk cargo at its basin anchorage. MICT’s ICTSI is a global company with the best technology in the world.


With MICT track and trace, you can now track the status of your containers online. You can enter the container number into the website and get updates on its whereabouts. This technology can also be used to track your cargo or shipment’s arrival and departure. You can access the MICT track and trace by entering the BL number, entry number, or container number. Once you know the status of your containers, you can take action to ensure their timely arrival.

The Track and Trace system also has an email notification function that lets you stay updated on container movement. You can choose to receive alerts via email or SMS. It also has a built-in SMS notification system, so you can get updates on your containers through text messaging. With Track and Trace, you can improve your daily work output. ICTSI has been working to add more features for the system, including live chat and MICT Mobile.

The new MICT Track and Trace app will give you real-time information about your shipment’s status and location. The app also offers a link to the MICT website Transparency program, which will let you track a shipment’s progress. The MICT track and trace mobile app is powered by the OpenNet Initiative, a collaboration of three universities, including the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard, the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, and Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited.

MICT Track and Trace Container

MICT Track and Trace Container Search is another useful tool for cargo tracking. It allows you to find a shipment’s location with just 11 digits. Its web track and trace is a great tool for shipping companies and other businesses that rely on international trade. MICT’s website has more information about the tracking service than any other shipping company in the world. There are no fees or hidden costs to use MICT track and trace.

Bill of lading

MICT Track and Trace is a system for tracking and monitoring containers. With the use of a BOL, Booking Reference Number, or MICT tracking number, you can find out where your container is and what it’s doing in the global supply chain. MICT Track and Trace accepts all these tracking numbers and makes it easy to follow your shipment. Bill of lading numbers are eleven-digit codes that represent a shipment’s exact location. The system automatically selects the company that issued the bill of lading, but if you want to manually choose it, you can choose one.

If you’re unable to locate your shipping document or the bill of lading, the best place to start is online. Bill of lading tracking is easy with the right service. First, you must enter the bill of lading number. This number can be found on the top right-hand corner of the document. It will always have a carrier code of eight to twelve digits, such as MSC17392833. Next, you must input the name of the shipping company.

Next, MICT plans to add new features to Track and Trace. MICT Mobile will make it possible for clients to access the service using their mobile devices. MICT plans to offer full mobile functionality with MICT Text and Trace. This will allow clients to receive notifications of container movement via text messages. MICT plans to improve customer service for MICT clients by providing this system with more features and functionality.

The BL tracking number

The BL tracking number will allow you to easily track the status of your shipment in real-time. The system will show you the destination, carrier, and BL number of the shipment. This number will also give you a better idea of whether your shipment is on its way to your location. You can also check if the carrier has any delivery problems and make necessary adjustments. This is a great option for customers with multiple shipping shipments.

Booking reference number

The booking reference number for MICT track and trace service is the same as your bill of lading. The number is used to track the location of your shipping container and cargo. This number is also known as the BOL number. The app also allows you to see ETA, gated locations, and yard locations of your truck or cargo. If you want to check the status of your shipment, download the app today!

MICT tracking service accepts Bill of Lading (BOL) numbers and booking reference numbers. By entering these numbers, you can check the status of your container at any given moment. The number is comprised of 11 Digits, which can be used to trace your shipment anywhere in the world. The number is used to track the status of your container. You will be able to find out whether the container is unloaded at any specific point.

MICT is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The company is in material compliance with Nasdaq’s rules and regulations. The Nasdaq Securities have not been suspended or banned, and the company has no Subsidiaries or equity interests in other Persons. MICT has no pending deficiency notices. The company has no plans to file a request for delisting or suspension of its securities.

The MICT Track and Trace system is available on a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The app provides port users with real-time information about the status of their shipment and the arrival and departure times of their vehicles. It also provides a calendar of vessel arrivals and departure times. The app helps port users keep track of their shipment and avoid being late at the port. MICT is always available to answer your questions.

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