price upgrade string studio v2 to string studio v3

While you can get the same sounds and features with either version of String Studio, upgrading to the latest version of the software is definitely worth the cost. The new version of the program is loaded with features, including Entangled Species, a sound browser, a synthesizer, and model parameters. Let’s explore a few of these features. For more information, read on price upgrade string studio v2 to string studio v3.

Entangled Species

The Entangled Species expansion pack offers an impressive number of strings. There are now 124 arp sounds, 76 plucked acoustic simulations, and 46 electric string sounds, as well as acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and keyboards. There are also 600 presets by the best sound designers, including arpeggiator sounds, ethnic instruments, and organic soundscapes.

The latest version of String Studio features a variety of effects to add richness to your instruments. For instance, you can add slapback effects, swirling stereo movement, and moving ping-pong delays to your sounds. The reverb has smooth tails and you can record the output as WAV or AIFF files. The software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 and later, and requires a processor that’s 733MHz or 800MHz.

Sound browser

The Sound Browser includes more than a hundred and thirty string sounds in a vast library. This tool’s library is split up into seventeen categories, named for the different types of stringed instruments, from emulations to strange hybrids and unstable sounds. String Studio VS-1 is an extremely powerful and exciting tool that goes beyond a simple string instrument simulation to bring virtual sound design to a new level.

The latest version includes a multi-effect processor, a Scala scale file format, and native 64-bit support on Windows and Mac OS X. It also supports the latest generation of sequencers. The instruments can be played with a pick, bowed, or hit. Performance parameters are conveniently displayed in the Play panel, which also has a genuinely apt arpeggiator.


If you’re wondering whether it’s worth upgrading from string studio v2 to v3, this article will provide some insight. The price is similar to the cost of a solo instrument. However, the price of an upgrade depends on a variety of factors. In this article, we’ll cover three of the biggest reasons to upgrade. Read on to discover the other benefits.

The new String Studio is a killer studio tool that’s equipped for top-tier performance. Its dual performance modulators per layer respond to user-defined MIDI controls. And the library sounds boast morphing and effect assignments that you can apply in real time. Sweetwater even found a way to include per-sound MIDI-controlled variations in the new version, which makes it even more powerful.

Modeling parameters

One of the many great features of String Studio VS-3 is the modeling of string instruments. The new model includes the ability to switch between various pickup positions and simulate the finger and fret interactions that produce realistic string sounds. It also has the ability to model bowed swells and perform other advanced string modeling tasks. Users can save the model, export it to other applications, and even customize its appearance and color schemes.

The modeler offers a wide range of timbre and pitch correction options, and a variety of virtual instruments, including strings, horns, and pianos. The program can be used with Mac OS X 10.2 or later. A computer with a Pentium III processor is recommended, as is an 800MHz processor. The program supports multiple DAWs and has minimum system requirements.


Moving from String Studios v2 to a newer version will allow you to make the best use of your software by expanding your library with the latest and greatest sounds. If you’re not sure what to upgrade from, here are some of the key differences. – Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings – is the standard for strings libraries. This library is home to a rich collection of lush string instruments that faithfully reproduces MIDI mockups. These strings were recorded in the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, which has played host to recording sessions for the Vienna Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, among many others price upgrade string studio v2 to string studio v3.

– Improved sound quality. The updated String Studio includes a new output limiter to protect your ears from excessive dynamics and distortion. Its user interface was completely redesigned. Its three panels contain shortcuts to perform and change sound parameters, while the Edit panel enables you to tweak your sound. You can also find filters, EQ, and compressor in the FX panel. Finally, you can use the new interface for backup and sharing sounds.


Compared to its predecessor, the new version of String Studio features a number of improvements, including a new two-voice multi-timbral engine. It also features more presets, performance modulators, and signature sounds. It can be used as a standalone instrument or as a plug-in for other DAWs. It’s available for an intro price of $99 until July 1.

The new version includes all the features of the older versions, as well as additional effects, including an equalizer and reverb. It also has more than one thousand presets, including a dozen by acclaimed sound designers. Its presets are ideal for acoustic recordings, and you can also find ethnic instruments, synth sounds, and more. The recorder module is included, and lets you save the output to AIFF or WAV files.

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