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If you are looking for skin care products online, you may have come across is cuelu legit. This company is based on an ancient Chinese skin care treatment known as Gua Sha. It has received a low trust rating and is therefore a gimmick. If you want to know if this company is legitimate, read on to discover some reasons why you should avoid it. The company may be a scam, but is it worth your time and money?

Cuelu is an online e-commerce site that sells skin care products

The Cuelu website sells various skin care products, from ancient Chinese medicine to modern tools for improving your complexion. While Cuelu’s products sound promising, the company’s age and lack of trust score raises many questions. To avoid scams, you should read customer reviews carefully before purchasing any of the products. Cuelu has no official social media page, and many people who have purchased products from them have reported that they are not what they claim.

The Cuelu website contains words such as shop and product, but it does not contrast with other e-commerce websites. This fact alone suggests that Cuelu is not a reliable source of skin care products. Furthermore, customers should be careful when buying products from Cuelu because the company does not mention its return policy. If you want to return your purchase, you must first contact Cuelu’s customer service agents. Once you’ve done so, select the product you’d like to return and describe the problem with it. Upon receiving your return, place it in its original packaging and send it back. The Cuelu team will process your refund.

It is based on an old Chinese treatment called Gua Sha

The Cuelu method is based on an ancient Chinese therapy known as Gua Sha. This therapy uses a variety of tools to scrape certain areas of the skin, releasing toxins and activate blood circulation. It is one of the oldest forms of medicine and is used widely in China. Its benefits go far beyond restoring skin beauty. In addition to rejuvenating the complexion, this therapy relieves pain caused by TMJ and sinus pressure is cuelu legit.

This ancient Chinese technique involves scraping and pressing acupressure points on the skin using a variety of tools. The most common of these tools are the chinese soup spoon, a blunt-edged coin, a water buffalo horn, and a ceramic spoon. Other traditional tools used for this technique include a blunt-edged instrument made from animal bones, a knife, or a water buffalo horn. Ginger root in rice wine is also used for rubbing the spine and other areas.

It has a low trust rating

In our review of Cuelu, we noted that the company has a low trust rating, due to a number of concerns. We were particularly disappointed to find that the company has no contact details and no owner information, despite the fact that the company claims to be 100% legit. In addition, we noticed that Cuelu’s policy text is blatantly copied from another source. It includes phrases such as “Insert”, “Add” and “Addition” and it also fails to mention if the products are safe for use. Lastly, we found no other user reviews about the products on Trustpilot or other popular sites is cuelu legit.

Fortunately, our research found that the company offers products based on ancient Chinese techniques to treat skin problems, including a de-puffing facial roller and Gua Sha facial lifting tool. We found some informative content on the site, but the only two products are the same price, so we were left wondering if the company was legit. The site’s age also made us suspicious, with a very low trust rating. Despite a low trust rating, we were able to purchase two items for the same price and we found that they worked well for us. Despite this, we have to question their legitimacy.

It is a gimmick

It is unclear whether Cuelu is a legitimate product or a scam. The product’s website contains political terminology that is inaccurate and a malicious virus. It also fails to compare itself to popular e-commerce sites. Cuelu is also a young company, and despite claims to offer a wide range of facial instruments, there is little evidence to support this. It is best to be cautious about any product or service that promises instant results. Cuelu is not credible for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is too young to have gained popularity.

Although Cuelu offers ancient treatments and a new way to improve your skin, the company has not been able to gain any trust with the public. The website’s age and low trust score make it suspicious. However, there are some positive points to consider. Cuelu accepts various payment modes, including PayPal, credit card, and wire transfer. Furthermore, it accepts returns for a period of 30 days after delivery.

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