Community Day Pokemon Go 2022

In this article, we’ll go over Community Day in Pokemon GO 2022 , what Events occur during this special day in the game, and the rewards for missions completed during this special time period. We’ll also tell you what Oshawott will be the focus of Community Day in July. Also, learn about the new Pokemon that will appear during the July Community Day. And don’t forget to check out the new Oshawott gym!

Community Day in Pokemon GO

The upcoming Community Day in Pokemon GO 2022 will feature a new Special Research called Field Notes: Starly. These stickers can be obtained by spinning PokeStops, opening gifts, or purchasing them in-game. You can also purchase a $1.00 ticket for the Community Day-exclusive Special Research story. Those who buy the ticket can gift them to their friends as well. These new Community Day items will make it more fun for players to get together in the game!

The July Community Day will focus on the Starly. It will be found in the wild more often than usual, boosting the player’s chances of finding shiny versions of the Pokemon. A new Special Research story will also be released with the event, which focuses on the starly species. Tickets to access this new story can be purchased in the in-game item shop for $1. After completing the story, players will be able to use the Featured Attacks they’ve learned.

Events that take place during Community Day

On July 17th, the game will host its Community Day, which is a special event focused on a particular type of Pokemon. Community Day 2022 will give players the chance to catch shiny Starly, an evolution of the Normal-type Pokemon. Players will also receive a unique fast move, Gust, and will have the opportunity to evolve Staravia into a Shiny Staraptor.

During this day, players can spend $1 on a ticket for the Special Research storyline, which lasts three hours. While the event is happening, players can also collect a limited number of stickers that feature Starly, which will appear near Gyms that held a Raid in the area. During the event, players can purchase three Starly stickers to place in their collection. Players can also buy the stickers to gift to their friends.

The Community Day will also feature special bonuses. In the past, players have gotten shiny Pok√©mon in addition to other types, which made them highly sought after. This year, the Community Day will feature the appearance of Deino the Irate, and you’ll have the chance to catch a shiny version of it. The Community Day will also feature a new type of Pokemon, Deino, and players will be able to add it to their collection.

Rewards for completing missions during Community Day

The monthly event known as Community Day will return in Pokemon GO on July 17th. The event will feature a new Pokemon each month, and Niantic will reward players with a variety of exclusive items related to that Pokemon. This month, the featured Pokemon will be Starly, a Normal and Flying Type Pokemon that originates from the Sinnoh Region. Players will have double the chance of obtaining Starly Candy XL during the event, and their leveling abilities will be enhanced.

In addition to the new features, the Community Day will include a special research story that will only be available during the event. Players will also receive increased Spheals, longer lure modules, and an increase in XP reward for completing missions during the event. During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to catch even more rare Pokemon that aren’t normally found in the wild, including the legendary Xehanort, as well as a new type of monster – Spheal.

Oshawott will be the star of July’s Community Day

If you’re a big Pokemon Go fan, you’ll be glad to know that this month’s community day will highlight Oshawott. The upcoming Community Day will feature this Water-type Pokemon from a different region. Unlike other community days, this one will boost the spawn rate of Oshawott and give you bonus rewards and items, including photobombs when you take pictures of your Pokemon. In addition to the increased spawn rate, players will also get an exclusive move for the Oshawott family.

The July 2022 Community Day will feature Starly, an extremely common Pokemon that tends to flock together in great numbers. Hopefully, this means that you’ll be able to find Shiny Starly on the day! If you’re playing Pokemon GO during July 2022, you’ll likely encounter some of the game’s Generation 4 Pokemon, including Staraptor, which is the final evolution of Starly. The Community Day will run for about three hours, and you’ll have a chance to catch a shiny Staraptor as well.

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